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About Us

We have been asked many times over, how did we come up with the name for our farm? It was really simple, one of our dogs is named Mason, and the other is Dixon. Two very nice and loving dogs, so we went with it... 

It didn't hurt that every name we came up with was turned down. So we tried our dogs names and it went right through, so that's how we came up with the name. As much as we love our dogs (and we do), we are in the process of changing our farm name stay tuned. Main reason is because many and we mean many people have thought we were for dogs only. So we made a business decision to change the name of our farm. Details will be coming soon.

Pam and I (Ron) have spent much time researching what products to carry and what not to. We are open to carrying a wide variety of products. If we do not carry items that you like, please let us know, and we will research it, and add it to our line of top rated products.

Our goal is to offer nothing but the best products and love to hear from our customers directly so we know how you feel about our products.

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